Mineral Resources(Important questions cum test) class 10

  1. State any two factors affecting the economic viability of mineral reserves?
  2. . How do minerals occur in igneous and metamorphic rocks?
  3. Explain Rat-Hole mining in the tribal areas.
  4. . Mention three properties of mica.
  5. Why is conservation of mineral resources essential? Explain any three
    methods to conserve them.
  6. In which various forms do minerals occur?
  7. Give an account of the distribution of minerals in India.
    ‘Minerals in India are unevenly distributed’. Explain.
  8. On the given political outline map of India, two features A and B are marked.
    Identify these features with the help of the following information:
    A. Iron-ore mines
    B. Terminal station of North-South Corridor
    On the same map locate and lable the following:
    (i) Gandhinagar Software Technology Park.
  9. Locate and label the following features with appropriate symbols on a political
    outline map of India.
    (i) Balaghat — Manganese (ii) Kendujhar — Manganese
    (iii) Koraput — Bauxite (iv) Bilaspur — Bauxite
    (v) Hazaribagh — Mica
  10. Why is conservation of minerals important?
  11. Why is the use of non-conventional sources of energy becoming essential these days?

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